Top 5 Q & A Questions Expanded

I love doing Q & A with the SOB Tactical community. It’s a time for me to help spread knowledge and give back. I can only provide so much information in those sessions, due to the shear volume of questions. One word answers are often all it takes. However, I wanted to elaborate on some common and recurring themes. Hopefully this will give you what you need and you can share this widely with your peers so that we continue to have new and original questions.

300 Black Out

Listen. Every gun has it’s purpose. I get that. There are collectors, egomaniacs and just people who like to hit the range with a different rifle. I am a practical person. I like effective both from a tactical standpoint and economic standpoint. That’s why you always hear me recommend a 7.62×39 rifle. I think .300 black out ammunition is too expensive and most people can’t handle their rifles effectively anyway.

What i think of other countries special operators

I’ve worked with all of the top tier special operations units in other countries. Most are good. Yes I have worked with British SAS, MARCOS, SSG, Shayetet 13, GROM, AUS SAS, GSG 9. You name it. If you’re asking me to tear apart another top tier unit from another country I won’t do it. My opinion on each is conversation we would have in person over a glass of bourbon. Come to a class and let’s talk.

Unit selection compared to…

The truth is there are so many selections, courses, training and more that go into making it to a tier 1 force. Many people aspire to get there but the reason you get there is that you either have it or you don’t. I know that the basis of this question is to help you understand if you “have what it takes”. The only thing I can say to this, is what I constantly repeated to myself “There is nothing that i cannot do today.” If you have that, you can do anything.

This pistol vs. that pistol

Gear review this or gear review that. It is no secret that I am a big fan of Glock pistols. Sure, I like to shoot all different types of pistols and I cannot recommend one over the other. The best pistol is going to be the one that fits your body type, stance and grip the best. It’s that simple. I can’t help if I do not see you.

Woodchucks, D-Word, Nothing Weird

Basically folks, no woodchucks means no stupid questions. You know the old tongue twister. I don’t care how much it could chuck, it’s pointless.

No D-word (look it up, it goes by many names, Operational detatchment _____.) It didn’t used to “exist” keep the legend alive.

Nothing weird. If I have to clarify…

So hopefully that helps. I enjoy it and hopefully you do too. Look out for more Q & A’s to come and a special Thursday Night Live on Facebook starting March 9th during my show Kicking and Screaming.

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