Concealed Carry In A Vehicle

One thing I love about using my concealed holster, is the ease in which i can enter and exit a vehicle. I always appendix carry because that is my fastest draw. Is there a reason you would take off your gun to get in the car? What a hassle to put it on and take it off each time. In … Read More

The SOB Puncher

One of the most popular items in the SOB Tactical Store is my SOB puncher. This is because it conceals well and it is not made of metal. It can be sharpened and holds up incredibly well to wear and tear. The SOB Puncher Sheath Combo includes a vertical and horizontal clip to meet individual needs.The PUNCHER was created as … Read More

Situational Awareness DTOMMF

What does DTOMMF stand for? Don’t tread on me or my family. This means a lot of things but one thing for sure; if you are responsible for other peoples lives it’s your responsibility to look out for them. The symbolism of the old saying “Don’t Tread on Me” combined with the snake ready to strike, is a warning. It … Read More

Thoughts On Working Out

I often get the question about how to train the body to prepare for battle. You’re talking to Old Sarge now, I don’t do a ton of training anymore but I can tell you what I did during my time in the military. As a tier one operator being physically fit was extremely important. One thing I have found is … Read More

Kicking and Screaming My New Show

KICKING & SCREAMING is a new competition series that teams 10 expert survivalists with pampered partners to face the toughest challenges of their lives. I am one of the survivalists as you can imagine and am paired with a non survivalist… This show was produced by the same people who brought you Fear Factor and Wipeout, so expect some very … Read More

How Far Is The Target? How To Judge Distance

Here is the first thing to remember, HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT STAY IN ONE SPOT FOR VERY LONG. Judging distance on a range is easy. The target doesn’t get up and move. If you’re a law enforcement officer or active military you know that your targets are always moving. I learned a long time ago that the traditional thinking of … Read More

The So What On Vehicle Tactics

Now a days every instructor has a “vehicle tactics” course. It’s become very popular as more and more civilians, LE and military want or need this type of training. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and impracticalities of the current training on the market. The basis of my training comes from Army special operations, my time spent with British … Read More

Top 5 Q & A Questions Expanded

I love doing Q & A with the SOB Tactical community. It’s a time for me to help spread knowledge and give back. I can only provide so much information in those sessions, due to the shear volume of questions. One word answers are often all it takes. However, I wanted to elaborate on some common and recurring themes. Hopefully … Read More

The Mad Minute | A Gunfighter Moment

This article paraphrases and draws heavily from a briliantly written article by Soldier Systems. You can find the original article here. A mad minute is a simple concept used by tier one units to create a combat multiplier. This happens when senior leaders bring their leaders in to run down the plan. Each leader simply and concisely recites the exact … Read More

What Should Your Pie Chart Look Like

What is the shooting pie chart? A pistol correction chart as it is sometimes called, is a chart that promises a quick fix for issues you are having with your groupings. Probably the most misused training tool in shooting and often used incorrectly. Essentially these zones on the pie chart misdiagnose real issues. Watch the video to understand the only … Read More