The Mad Minute | A Gunfighter Moment

This article paraphrases and draws heavily from a briliantly written article by Soldier Systems. You can find the original article here.

What is it?

A mad minute is a simple concept used by tier one units to create a combat multiplier. This happens when senior leaders bring their leaders in to run down the plan. Each leader simply and concisely recites the exact plan.

There is no debate. No alternatives. Just the exact plan.

The goal is to enforce a plan and have a clear and concise communication plan to your warriors.

This is done to make sure that all warriors are on the same page and to ensure no mistakes are made. In the end if a mistake is made, you’ll bare the guilt.

1. Don’t Over Plan

If the situation changes drastically, go with it. Adapt your plan. Still maintain a semblance of the original plan if possible. Do not overreact.

2. Go With It

Overthinking is a disaster. Keep it simple stupid. Don’t overcomplicate the original plan. Make sure to go in with intention to execute the plan.

3. Take The Full Minute

Even if you think you do not need it and everything you are doing is routine, take the full minute to discuss the plan.