Situational Awareness DTOMMF

What does DTOMMF stand for?

Don’t tread on me or my family. This means a lot of things but one thing for sure; if you are responsible for other peoples lives it’s your responsibility to look out for them.

The symbolism of the old saying “Don’t Tread on Me” combined with the snake ready to strike, is a warning. It tells people that you are not someone to take advantage of.

That being said there are times when the people you are responsible for depend on you to look out for the bad guys. I have said this numerous times in my Q & A days and will always say it; if you are in a dangerous situation with your family always find a way to escape. You do not need to be the hero. Find a way out and protect your family. That is who you are responsible for. You may be deadly accurate with your gun, but hope that you never have to use it because you have to live with that.

Your situational awareness tips are as follows:

1. If you see or feel something is off, take your family and leave. Trust your gut.

2. Don’t be a hero. This means do not try to be the guy that gets a story written about him. Obviously if you’re backed into a corner you have to take action. Time and place for that.

3. Escape. Run. Whatever you call it get out of the situation that is treating your families safety.

DTOMMF means a whole lot more. See you on the range for a more detailed description.

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