How Far Is The Target? How To Judge Distance

Here is the first thing to remember, HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT STAY IN ONE SPOT FOR VERY LONG. Judging distance on a range is easy. The target doesn’t get up and move. If you’re a law enforcement officer or active military you know that your targets are always moving.

I learned a long time ago that the traditional thinking of leaving your scope for a range finder or other equipment, and then coming back to the scope would cause people to get lost. When you get lost in your scope you have to reacquire your target. This causes you to loose precious time that could save you or your teammates lives.


Let’s break this down. USING ONLY THE NAKED EYE, here is what “targets” look like at distance. This simple technique will help you gauge the distance.


You can see a face. With the naked eye, you can visually make out what the persons face looks like.


The face is no longer identifiable. However you are able to see other indicators such as hands. Space between the legs. The firearm the target is holding.


The hands disappear. You can no longer identify the hands clearly. Body parts begin to blend together. You can still make out a human form, i.e. head, arms, legs and light between the legs.


The head blends into the body. You cannot identify a head on top of the body, but you are still able to see light through the legs. At this point the body begins to look less human. Remember this is ONLY USING THE NAKED EYE. Not a scope.


You can no longer see light through the legs. They move but you can no longer see light between the legs.


This is where it gets really tricky. Every human being looks like a triangle blog at 600 yards with the naked eye. After this, you need more equipment to identify targets. You can work to 600 yards with the naked eye. Every target at 600 yards looks like a grain of pepper but clearly still a “target”.

Inside of 600 yards with this technique and knowing your DOPE, you have an 85% chance of hitting.

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